Dutch verbs – Lesson 8: Most common verbs & Dutch verb conjugation

Dutch verb conjugation – How to conjugate Dutch verbs?

Lesson 08 – conjugation of verbs

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This lesson deals with the 25 most common verbs in Dutch (Nederlandse werkwoorden). A very simple explanation is given for the Dutch verb conjugation in the present tense. In the video the example of the verb ‘lopen’ is given; that get a [t] added to the stem in the 2nd and 3rd person singular. In the plural, the conjugation is the same as the infinitive.

The video refers to lesson 4 of the online Dutch Grammar course #dutchgrammar, in which a more detailed explanation is given, taking into account all the difficult spelling rules (short vs long vowels, and consonant changes). That will give a full understanding on how to conjugate Dutch verbs.

Dutch Grammar

On the website of learndutch.org, you can vind a Dutch verb conjugation trainer to do exercises and practice your knowledge.

Dutch Verb Conjugation Trainer

Vocabulary and exercise of this lesson: https://www.learndutch.org/lessons/conjugation-of-verbs-in-dutch/

Dutch course:
Lesson 8 in a series of 40 videos of 25 Dutch words. Course with the goal to speak Dutch, developed by Bart de Pau “1000 most common words in Dutch”.

The course is aimed at beginners, who want to learn Dutch fast.

Of each word, you see the dutch word and the english translation, and a picture. For learning Dutch pronunciation, each word is repeated twice.

Best way to study the Dutch language lessson about traffic and buildings is:
– watch the video 1 or 2 times
– study the word list (see link above)
– do the test; repeat it if you made mistakes
– no mistakes in the test – then go to the next lesson

This is a free course NT2 (Nederlands als Tweede Taal).

Bart de Pau, online Dutch Tutor at learndutch.org and program manager at the Dutch Summer School

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