DUTCH WORD ORDER // Nederlandse woordvolgorde – de basis (NT2 – A1)

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How to go through my YouTube channel: https://www.patreon.com/posts/set-up-videos-on-33760692 Structure of Dutch main sentences (hoofdzinnen):
Structure of Dutch subordinate clauses (bijzinnen)
Relative clauses & relative pronouns in Dutch:
AAN HET construction in Dutch:
<pre><code><br />🎥 In this class, I'll teach you the basics of the Dutch word order. What are the most important rules to make a grammatically correct sentence in Dutch? You will learn some rules and tricks so you can always make grammatically correct Dutch sentences. In deze les leer ik jullie de basisbeginselen van de Nederlandse woordvolgorde. Wat zijn de belangrijkste regels om een Nederlandse zin te maken? Je leer een aantal regels en trucjes waarmee je altijd grammaticaal correcte Nederlandse zinnen kunt maken. </code></pre> Intro- and outro jingle: Lino Rise - That's fun (license) Music: is from the platform epidemic sound: https://bit.ly/epidemicsound-kim Giphy's: Canva (license) ~~~~~~~ learn dutch online,learn dutch with Kim,Kim Jautze,Nederlandse grammatica,dutch course,learning dutch,dutchies to be,dutch word order,dutch sentence structure,Dutch as a second language,learn dutch grammar,learn dutch online for free,online dutch lessons,nt2 nederlands leren,nederlandse taal leren,dutch word order explained,word order dutch,dutch sentences for beginners,dutch sentences practice,dutch sentences examples,dutch grammar for beginners

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