Lesson – 3: Amsterdam | Learn Dutch phrases with Bart de Pau!

Lesson – 3: Amsterdam | Learn Dutch phrases with Bart de Pau
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Leer Nederlandse zinnen met Bart de Pau (NT2) / Learn Dutch phrases with Bart de Pau. In this eposide the Dutch language students visit Amsterdam.

Combine your knowledge of Dutch vocabulary (Nederlandse woorden) and Dutch grammar (Nederlandse grammatica): practise phrases in Dutch! Practise sentences in Dutch (Nederlandse zinnen) and Dutch pronunciation.

This is NT2 Dutch lesson 3 in the video series ‘Heb je zin?’. About the visit to Amsterdam of Dutch language students. Bart de Pau shows you an animated video in simple Dutch. The video has subtitles in 2 languages: in Dutch and in English. That way you can practise what you’ve learned already on learndutch.org: combining the most common words with the basic Dutch grammar.

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Leer Nederlandse zinnen met Bart de Pau!

Met de Nederlandse lessen in de serie ‘Heb je zin?’ combineren we de basis woordenkennis Nederlands met de kennis van de basisgrammatica. In de NT2 video zie je een eenvoudig verhaaltje in het Nederlands, met ondertiteling in het Engels en het Nederlands.

Bart de Pau is an online Dutch Tutor at learndutch.org and program manager at the Dutch Summer School, https://dutchsummerschool.nl

To make phrases you need to understand the grammar theory – online course #dutchgrammar can be recommended: https://www.learndutch.org/dutch-grammar/

You want Dutch courses in Amsterdam? Visit: https://dutchsummerschool.nl

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