How to say in Dutch? Lesson 3: conjugation of to be (zijn) + professions in Dutch

How to say in Dutch? Lesson 3: TO BE + PROFESSIONS.

Lesson 03 – to be (zijn) + professions

Course “1000 most common words in Dutch” is developed by Bart de Pau. This video is lesson 3 in a series of 40 videos of 25 Dutch words. This lesson is about the conjugation of the verb to be (zijn) in dutch and the professions in Dutch.

The conjugation of zijn (to be):
ik ben, jij bent, hij is, zij is, wij zijn, jullie zijn, zij zijn, u bent

Vocabulary and exercise of this lesson:

The course is aimed at beginners, who want to learn Dutch fast and want to reach quickly a basic vocabulary, without spending too much time on grammar, so you know how to say in Dutch the most common things.

Of each word, you see the dutch word and the english translation, and a picture.

Best way to study the course:
– watch the video 1 or 2 times
– study the word list (see link above)
– make the test; repeat it if you made mistakes
– no mistakes in the test – then go to the next lesson

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