Learn Swedish for beginners! Learn important Swedish words, phrases & grammar – fast!

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If you want to learn Swedish, then you should listen and speak as often as you can in a daily routine. We will show you the best way to learn Swedish for beginners: Our videos will help you improve your Swedish speaking and listening skills.
Listen to our extensive list of Swedish phrases, conversation and questions with answers – listen and repeat after the professional speaker. We have many different videos to learn Swedish, tailored to your level. See the links below! You will improve your speaking ability and be able to hear the nuances of this complex language.

Free Audiobook Available!
Swedish Parallel Audio – Learn Swedish with 501 Random Phrases using Parallel Audio – Volume 1

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We have created different videos for learning Swedish. See below for details.

Oh, and don’t forget! Download your free Audiobook and eBook NOW!

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With Music – For Beginners
Slow Swedish with English audio and English text translations
Learn Swedish for beginners! Learn important Swedish words, phrases & grammar – fast!

With Sleep Music – Intermediate Level
No repeats, Spoken in natural speed with English audio and English text translations
Learn Swedish while you Sleep! Intermediate Level! Learn Swedish words & phrases while sleeping!

Is the audiobook really for free?
Yes, and it is yours for life. If you do not want to continue the free trial period, you still get to keep it – for ever.

I do not like Audible – where else can I get a free audiobook?
Visit our language learning website www.lingojump.com for more information.

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Learn German Phrases! – For Beginners: https://youtu.be/-TDueNFSpNc

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