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تحميل التطبيق

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Application to Learn Swedish – Fyra
You can learn the Swedish language through this application that contains characters with Swedish alphabet to pronounce the word and to facilitate the correct pronunciation and speech in addition to the written, And some of the words that we use in our daily lives in Sweden. and videos you have created a video and audio translated sentences, There is also a dictionary for translation from Arabic to Swedish and English and vice and many other languages.The application to learn Swedish video and audio and Dictionary Swedish important to learn the Swedish language quite easily to new refugees and also for tourists inside the Kingdom of Sweden.

I enlisted in the construction of this application in some books and websites that provide reliable learning Swedish language service.

The intellectual property for this application:
Lexin | lexin.nada.kth.se/, and the code dictionary from developer Dimitrios Meintanis
Book Arabic Swedish
and my.

If there are proposals to develop the application please send an e-mail.

تحميل التطبيق

تطبيق تعلم السويدية, تعلم السويدية, تعلم السويدية بأحتراف, تعلم اللغة السويدية

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